Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Trash Pickup Company

Hiring a trash pickup company for the trash removal is convenient as they can handle everything from collecting the trash from your property to disposing of it. A quick online search will point you to several companies that undertake large trash pickup Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, or near by areas. Call at least three or four of them so that you can make service comparisons and then select the removal company that can best serve your requirements.

Here are five questions you should ask when choosing a trash pickup company:

What types of trash do they take?

Trash pickup companies can generally remove an assortment of rubbish. It can include branches, twigs, leaves, and other garden debris, as well as construction rubble like concrete sections, wood pieces, bamboos, bricks, and metal scrap.  Furthermore, they can take old tires, mattresses, beds, tables, desks, cupboards, refrigerators, televisions, computers, and other home and office appliances and furniture.

However, many trash pickup companies are not licensed to handle hazardous materials of any kind. These include household paints, art paints, gardening chemicals, antifreeze, batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs. So, if you have any household or industrial waste that falls into this category, you will have to contact an environmental center or a recycling center that has the capability of disposing of them.

Do they have large vehicles to take away the trash?

If you have many large-sized items in the trash on your property, it is necessary to have large vehicles that can easily fit it in and comfortably carry it away. You don’t want the trash removal process to suffer a setback because the vehicle can’t fit in everything. Or, because the vehicle is not strong enough to bear away the large load. So, ask and make sure at the start that the company can provide large enough vehicles to remove your trash from your property.

Will they clean up after removing the trash?

Many trash pickup companies clean up the area after they have loaded the trash into their trucks. They may include such a clean-up service in their trash removal service, or they may charge separately for it. You should ask them about this before they begin their work. If possible, you should get the clean-up done. It can make an aesthetic difference in your property that you will appreciate once you see it. Also, in all likelihood, it will enhance the value of your property—if you are planning to sell—since property buyers like to see well-maintained properties and think they are more worth their while.

What fees do they charge for their services?

As the fees they charge are dependent on the amount of trash they pick up, the trash pickup company will need to survey your property before they can give you an estimate. Make sure you show them all the trash that you want off your property, right down to the smallest bit. If you miss out something and want them to take it with them later, they might charge extra for it. Keep that in mind. Generally, the trash removal company’s fees will be in the reasonable range if you consider the time and labor required to haul away large quantities of trash and then dispose of it in a proper manner. In that context, their services will certainly be worth the price they ask from you.

How do they dispose of the trash?

Ideally, when you hire a company for large trash pickup Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas or near by areas, you want them to dispose of the collected trash in an environmentally responsible manner. It may involve taking the trash to a recycling facility where it will be sorted and processed for reuse. In some cases, if it is possible to repair the discarded cupboards, beds, benches, and other such unwanted household or outdoor items, the company may take them to a donation center to be restored and eventually given to someone that can make use of them. If recycling and donation are not possible, the company will find some other ethical way to dispose of the trash.

By asking these five questions, you can get an idea of how the trash pickup company operates and if their services will match your requirements and benefit you.