Ways to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

If you are planning to upgrade your furniture, closing your business or downsizing your office space, probably you have office furniture to dispose of. There are various methods to dispose of your office furniture, however, choose your options carefully. Some methods of disposing of take considerable effort and very time consuming, while some methods are bad for the environment.

Office Furniture Disposal Methods

Mainly, there are two ways for furniture disposal Austin. Either you can haul it away or sell it. Although some advantages are there when selling office furniture, some furniture may not be retained. Also, having it hauled away has consequences. So, what are the right ways of office furniture disposal?

Selling Office Furniture

As there has been an increase in the number of small business start-ups and using home offices becoming popular, there is also an increase in demand for recycled or used office furniture. An estimate by tech research firms that by 2020 the market for recycled office furniture will touch rise to over $2.5 billion.

Yet, it takes a lot of time and effort to sell your office furniture. You need to decide whether you are going to sell out of your office or at auction. If planning to sell individually, then you have to place ads for the items and do proper marketing to sell your furniture. All this requires enough money that may not have in your budget.

The process to sell used office furniture takes time. If your lease period is set to expire or losing your office space, then you will be facing a time crunch. When selling office furniture is not a good option for you, there are other methods you have to consider furniture disposal in Austin.

Junk Removal and Office Furniture Disposal

Disposing of your office furniture is not as easy as you think. Many trash firms do not even accept office furniture. Moreover, most of the junk removal firms haul your office furniture to the landfill or dump. It is vital to take responsibility for how you will be disposing of office furniture. In the United States, more than 8.5 million tons of office furniture is dumped in landfills. Landfills are a huge threat to the environment as it contributes to groundwater pollution and other various hazards for decades. As an environment-conscious person, you should keep your office furniture out of landfills as much as possible.

Responsible and Easy Office Furniture Disposal

The easiest way for disposing of office furniture is by calling a professional to take it away. Fix a scheduled time at your convenience so that the furniture can be evacuated from the property so that you can renovate your house. But, you need to make sure who you are choosing for office furniture disposal. There are companies who will just take it to the landfill while others are very conscious and make sure the furniture is recycled as much as possible. This is best for protecting the environment and does not cost higher than other junk removal Austin TX services.

The more earth-conscious and reputable office furniture disposal companies first take your items to a processing center. Here all the recycle parts of the furniture are removed and can be dealt with accordingly. Most of the parts can be recycled but it requires good effort for stripping and sorting it into various recyclable materials. The best junk removal companies will be recycling as much of your office furniture as possible before taking the leftover to the landfill or dump.

No one-size-fits-all solution is available and sometimes an organization finds that a combination of the above solutions makes the most sense for them.  A few parts of your office furniture need to be recycled or donated while the rest portion is suitable for selling. No matter how big your office transformation, there are various options to choose when disposing of your used office furniture. If you are planning to sell your furniture, recycle what you can or donating to a charitable organization or following all these three options, you will definitely find a solution that suits your company goals, budget and project timeline.